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Chasing Red Unveiled: A Dive into the Pulse-Pounding World of Pamplona's Bull Run

1. Who is the director of the award-winning documentary "Chasing Red," and what is the film's primary focus?

  • "Chasing Red" is directed by Dennis Clancey, and it immerses viewers into the exhilarating world of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, during the Fiesta de San Fermín.

2. When and where did "Chasing Red" make its debut, and what accolade did it achieve?

  • The documentary premiered at the LA Indie Film Festival in 2015, clinching the prestigious Best of the Fest award, the festival's top honor.

3. How was the film funded, and who were the key contributors to its production?

  • Funded by director Dennis Clancey, the documentary also received support from crowdfunding participants and partial funding from Running of the Bulls Dot Com.

4. Who are the listed producers of "Chasing Red," and where can one find a comprehensive list of the cast and crew?

  • The producers include Dennis Clancey, Brandon Widener, and Iker Zuasti. The movie's official website provides a detailed summary of the cast and crew.

5. What was the primary budget for production, and how was it distributed?

  • Operating on a budget less than $25,000, the majority was allocated to crew flights ($16,000), with the remainder covering rent, food, and incidentals.

6. In how many countries has "Chasing Red" been screened, and did it see a theatrical release in the United States?

  • "Chasing Red" had a limited theatrical release in the United States and has been screened in over 14 countries, showcasing its global appeal.

7. Besides Pamplona, where were the principal filming locations for the documentary?

  • While Pamplona served as the primary setting, the documentary also features scenes shot in Arizona, various Spanish towns, and California.

8. Can you provide a brief overview of the plot of "Chasing Red"?

  • The documentary follows four runners during the 2012 Fiesta de San Fermín, offering a firsthand look at their preparation, experiences, and the challenges encountered during the eight bull runs.

9. What does the term "Chasing Red" signify within the context of the film?

  • Coined by director Dennis Clancey, "Chasing Red" represents the pursuit of something elusive, akin to a bull chasing a moving cape. It symbolizes the value found in a purposeful and persistent quest.

10. What notable developments occurred for the cast post-"Chasing Red"?

  • Post-release, Bill Hillmann transitioned to become an English professor and author. Both Dennis Clancey and Bill were featured in CNN's "Seeing Red: The Running of the Bulls" in 2023, with credits acknowledging their contributions inspired by "Chasing Red."

Chasing Red Trailer - Official Movie Trailer

For more details, visit the official website, IMDb page tt3807352, or Wikipedia Chasing Red.

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