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Chasing Red Unraveled: Exploring the Grit and Glory of Pamplona's Bull Run

1. Who is the visionary director behind "Chasing Red," the Pamplona documentary, and what is the primary theme of the documentary?

  • "Chasing Red" is skillfully directed by Dennis Clancey, delving into the exhilarating world of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, during the Fiesta de San Fermín.

2. When and where did "Chasing Red" make its debut, and what prestigious award did it earn?

  • The documentary premiered at the LA Indie Film Festival in 2015, clinching the prestigious Best of the Fest award, the festival's highest honor.

3. How was the film financed, and who were the instrumental contributors to its production?

  • Financed by Dennis Clancey, the film also received support from crowdfunding participants and partial funding from Running of the Bulls Dot Com.

4. Who served as the producers of "Chasing Red," and where can one find a comprehensive list of the cast and crew?

  • The producers were Dennis Clancey, Brandon Widener, and Iker Zuasti. For a detailed list of the cast and crew, the official website offers a comprehensive summary.

5. What was the principal budget for production, and how was it distributed among various aspects?

  • The documentary operated on a modest budget of less than $25,000, with a significant portion allocated to crew flights ($16,000), and the remainder covering rent, food, and incidentals.

6. In how many countries has "Chasing Red" been screened, and did it receive a theatrical release in the United States?

  • The documentary had a limited theatrical release in the United States and has been screened in over 14 countries, attesting to its international appeal.

7. Besides Pamplona, what were the primary filming locations for "Chasing Red"?

  • While Pamplona served as the primary setting, the documentary also features captivating scenes shot in Arizona, various Spanish towns, and California.

8. Can you provide a succinct overview of the plot of "Chasing Red"?

  • The documentary intimately follows four runners during the 2012 Fiesta de San Fermín, providing a firsthand look at their preparation, experiences, and the challenges faced during the eight bull runs.

9. What does the term "Chasing Red" symbolize within the context of the film, as explained by Dennis Clancey?

  • Coined by director Dennis Clancey, "Chasing Red" symbolizes the pursuit of something elusive, akin to a bull chasing a moving cape. It signifies the value found in a purposeful and persistent quest.

10. What notable developments occurred for the cast post-"Chasing Red"?

  • Following the documentary, Bill Hillmann transitioned to become an English professor and author. Both Dennis Clancey and Bill were featured in CNN's "Seeing Red: The Running of the Bulls" in 2023, with credits acknowledging their contributions inspired by "Chasing Red."

11. How did Dennis Clancey initially conceive the film project, and what was its original title?

  • The film project, initially called "The Pamplona Project," started in 2007 when Dennis Clancey first ran in Pamplona.

12. Why were the main characters chosen for "Chasing Red," and what unique approach did it represent for covering Pamplona?

  • The main characters were selected because they had not been previously featured in a film about Pamplona. The approach aimed to showcase the challenges of running well in the event.

13. How did Bill Hillmann's life change after experiencing the running of the bulls, and what other aspects of his life were revealed in the documentary?

  • Bill Hillmann, a Chicago sports writer and former boxer, expressed that the running of the bulls changed his life. His background in boxing and family dynamics, including concerns from his mother, were explored in the film.

14. What is the significance of the Chupinazo party in Pamplona, and how does it set the tone for the festival?

  • Chupinazo is a lively party that marks the beginning of the festival, featuring a rocket lit from the front of Ayuntamiento at noon on the 6th of July. It sets the festive tone and signifies the start of the San Fermín celebration.

15. How does Dennis Clancey emphasize the seriousness of running with the bulls, particularly regarding alcohol consumption?

  • Dennis Clancey highlights the serious nature of running with the bulls, stating that experienced runners are never drunk on the run route. He stresses the need for runners to be fully alert and focused during this intense endeavor.

16. Can you describe the scene where runners sing a benediction to a statue of San Fermín, and what significance does it hold for the runners?

  • The runners sing a benediction to a statue of San Fermín, the patron saint of the Navarra region and the festival. This ritual takes place to seek protection during the run, offering a glimpse into the reverence and traditions upheld by the runners.

17. How does the documentary portray the aftermath of the first bull run, particularly focusing on Josiah's experience?

  • The aftermath features a slow sequence of injured runners, with Josiah expressing elation at having completed his first run. His excitement is palpable, and the documentary captures his emotions post-run.

18. What does David Ubeda's backstory reveal about his family's connection to bull running, and how does the documentary showcase his dedication?

  • David Ubeda's backstory includes a meal with his family, highlighting their concern for his safety. The documentary depicts David's lifelong desire to run with the bulls, his family's notoriety in their town, and his meticulous preparation before each run.

19. How does the documentary capture the challenges faced by Dennis Clancey during the 4th run, and what rule does he demonstrate?

  • During the 4th run, Dennis Clancey is tripped and ends up under the stampeding herd with a hurt leg. He demonstrates the rule of "fall down, stay down," showcasing the dangers and uncertainties of the run.

20. What profound insight into the title "Chasing Red" does Dennis Clancey provide in the final moments of the film, and what deeper discussions has he had on this topic?

  • In the final moments, Dennis Clancey walks along Pamplona's Portal Nuevo, explaining that "Chasing Red" signifies chasing something beyond reach, akin to a bull's pursuit of a moving cape. He discusses deeper aspects of this analogy at theatrical screenings, film festival Q&As, and other interviews, emphasizing the value found in a purposeful life pursuit.

Chasing Red Trailer - Official Movie Trailer

For more details, visit the official website, IMDb page tt3807352, or Wikipedia Chasing Red.

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