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Chasing Red: Exploring the Thrill Beyond the Bulls

Introduction: "Chasing Red," the groundbreaking film directed by Dennis Clancey, ventures beyond the traditional boundaries of cinema to capture the essence of the Pamplona encierro. This authoritative blog post serves as a gateway to a deeper understanding of the film, providing readers with a curated collection of articles, pages, and links that delve into the intricacies of this cinematic triumph.

1. IMDb - Chasing Red (2015): IMDb, the authoritative database for film enthusiasts, offers a comprehensive overview of "Chasing Red." Explore details about the cast, crew, reviews, and ratings to gain insights into the film's reception within the cinematic community.

2. Official Website: For a direct connection to the source, visit the official website of "Chasing Red." Immerse yourself in exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage, and updates on screenings and events related to the film.

3. Travel Edits - "Chasing Red: One Man's Obsession with the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona": Uncover the personal narrative behind the film with this insightful article. Delve into one man's deep connection and obsession with the Pamplona encierro, offering a unique perspective on the cultural significance of the event.

4. Instagram - Dennis Clancey's Reel: Step into the visual realm through the lens of Dennis Clancey himself. Explore snippets of the director's perspective and experiences during the filming of "Chasing Red" on his Instagram reel.

5. Curbside Splendor - Bill Hillman in Milwaukee: Screening of Chasing Red: Discover firsthand accounts of screenings and events related to "Chasing Red." This page captures the excitement surrounding the film, particularly during its Milwaukee screening featuring Bill Hillman.

6. Wikipedia - Chasing Red: For a comprehensive overview of the film's background, production, and reception, Wikipedia provides a reliable and detailed resource. Delve into the broader context of "Chasing Red" within the world of filmmaking.

7. Facebook - Chasing Red: Connect with the film's community on Facebook. Stay updated on news, discussions, and events related to "Chasing Red" directly from the film's official Facebook page.

8. Pinterest - Chasing Red: Experience the visual journey of director and bull runner Dennis Clancey through a curated Pinterest board. Witness key moments and visuals that shaped "Chasing Red."

9. Arizona Foothills Magazine - Winner of LA Indie Film Fest: Chasing Red Screening in Phoenix: Explore the film's accolades and its impact on the festival circuit. This article delves into the recognition "Chasing Red" received at the LA Indie Film Fest, emphasizing its significance in the cinematic landscape.

10. Google Books - "The Bulls of Pamplona" by Alexander Fiske-Harrison: Explore deeper insights into the themes of "Chasing Red" with this Google Books excerpt. This literary exploration provides additional context and perspectives on the film's narrative.

Conclusion: "Chasing Red" is not just a film; it's an immersive journey that transcends the screen. These curated resources offer a comprehensive exploration of the film, its cultural impact, and the unique perspectives that contribute to its status as a cinematic triumph. Dive into the world of "Chasing Red" through these articles, pages, and links to discover the thrill beyond the bulls.

Chasing Red Trailer - Official Movie Trailer

For more details, visit the official website, IMDb page tt3807352, or Wikipedia Chasing Red.

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